Embedding Streams for non logged-in users

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Hi, I'm finding Microsoft Stream very frustrating to use. I can quite easily share a link to a video, which is accessible to anyone with the link (without signing in). When I generate embed code, I cannot find where I can adjust the permissions of that embed to allow non-signed in users to view it. This is very limiting for our use case.

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How are you selecting the link that you are using for embedding? Are you using the instructions that are given here?


Yes, precisely like that.


We have the same issue at my institution. Even when our Azure admins allow sharing to Anyone from within our tenant, any embeds we create from Stream require authentication. And we too are following the steps specified in "Embedding Stream content in third-party sites" (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/embedding-stream-content-in-third-party-sites-b50b6cd2-be...).

I am not an Azure admin, just someone tasked with making Stream work. If anyone knows specific configuration Azure changes that might expand "Anyone" to include non-authenticated users, I would appreciate those suggestions. If I know what changes might fix this issue, I can advocate for them to our admins. Thanks!

@StephenGadsby public anonymous embed codes aren’t supported. We only support direct links via the “anyone” link type which requires you to open the video in a new tab. 

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Thanks, @Marc Mroz, but then I don't understand why your company has a support page explaining the how to of "Embedding Stream content in third-party sites". What is the use case for embedding videos into third-party sites where the videos won't load and play for a visitor until after that visitor goes to the Stream page by link? And why doesn't the support page provide any notice of that limitation?

@StephenGadsby  - sorry for that confusion, I've made updates to the embed help page you mentioned to try and clarify that embed codes only work for logged in users and that you need to make sure that permissions for the files are setup correctly first in Manage access. 


I'm hoping that these updates to this help article better explains the limitations and uses of embed codes today. 


Feel free to add votes and comments to our ideas forum to up vote features you want us to build or enhance in this area: https://aka.ms/StreamIdeas