Embedded Videos not playing or even allowing log for iOS

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Hi, can  anyone shed some light as to why iOS devices cant play embedded Sharepoint Stream videos currently?


Were using the copy and paste embed iframe from Sharepoint Video and putting on moodle or even trying in fresh new html file it will show logon window which allows logon with no error but your just greeted with the logon window again and again in a never ending loop. Tried to login 10 times in row and still no video playing.


If we create a copy and paste link direct to the video it works. Tried on Ipad with latest 17.0 iOS, tested on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, duck duck go and edge. Same result each time.

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I've just followed some advice from this post (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-stream-classic-and/stream-embed-not-visible-webpart...) in 2018 of all things by disabling "Cross-Site Traffic" under security and privacy and now video works but only in Safari. We cant really suggest to thousands of users the only way of accessing the embedded videos is to disable something they may not want to for privacy and ONLY one browser.
We are having the same issues with IOS phones and it is limiting our ability to leverage stream videos embedded into our internal broadcast to mobile users. #WeNeedIOSMobileSupportForStreamVideos