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I'm in the early stages of scoping a migration of our videos currently on Stream Classic onto Stream on Sharepoint. 

Being a school embedded links and normal links are being used extensively to distribute videos via OneNote which is our go to tool for curriculum content aggregation and distribution. 

What happens to the embedded and other links when the video files migrate from Stream Classic to Stream on Sharepoint.  We have previously migrated from O365 video to Stream and the links were being re-directed for a while. Is that going to be the case here? 

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Yes, we will redirect video embeds from Stream (Classic) to their embed in SharePoint or onedrive after its migrated with our migration tool.

But the part I don’t know about is how it’ll work in OneNote. OneNote doesn’t yet let you embed a new video from SharePoint or OneDrive. I’m guessing existing videos will be fine with the redirection code.

I don’t yet have a timeline when we can get OneNote to support SharePoint and onedrive video links for embedding.

You can all add your votes and comments on this feedback item that matches your current use of Stream (Classic) with OneNote.

@Marc Mroz I know embedded codes are not supported yet. I'm planning based off the roadmap here. Row 26 does state that its in development and we are going to migrate only once that feature is made available - I'm sure it would be a critical feature in most schools using M365 for education. Also, given that Class Onenote is a thing that microsoft provides. 


I agree that making sure SharePoint and OneDrive videos can be embedded in OneNote is important, especially in education. We are working with the OneNote team to determine when this can happen. If you have a way to give feedback to the OneNote team, please make sure to pass on your feedback directly to their team as well.