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Hi. We've been using Stream Classic for a while and we're now being pushed towards Stream on Sharepoint, so we're trying to adopt it, but so far it's really not been a great experience. The interface on Stream Classic was really clear and easy to understand, and the new one is much more cluttered, as well as putting all videos into a really wide view in the browser, which looks terrible.


Our biggest problem though is with embedding videos. We often embed Stream videos into our intranet, which is not a Microsoft product and is a separate site. With Stream Classic, we could just tick the 'allow everyone in your company to view this video' box and then we knew the embeds would always work. This functionality doesn't seem to have been replicated in Stream on Sharepoint - there's no similar tickbox and it seems that you need to have clicked a link to the video to establish that you have permission to view it BEFORE you can view it embedded somewhere else, which defeats the object of having it embedded. 


Are there any plans to replace this functionality in Stream in Sharepoint before Stream Classic disappears, or can anyone confirm if it's possible to allow everyone in the company to view an embedded video without them getting permissions/error messages? Thanks.

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For sure this is a barrier to entry as part of this transition. For embeds to work you have to set permissions on the video itself (not via "Share" but via access "manage access."

Putting videos onto a SharePoint site where you've set the permissions for anyone in your org to view files seems to be the best option, since you set that up one time and then any videos uploaded there should work for the embeds.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks a lot for the tip. We'll try creating a Sharepoint site and uploading them there. I did look at the 'manage access' menu, which didn't seem to have an option to grant permission to the whole organization.

@PaddyJohnston - The magic "user" to use is "Everyone except external users." If you grant "Everyone except external users" view access on a specific file, folder, library, or SP site then you can just grab an embed code and use it because "everyone in the orgnaization" has access to those files.


Example for SP Site...

  1. Go to a SP Communication site
  2. Share
  3. Type in "Everyone except external users"
  4. Give that "user" "Read" access
  5. Uncheck "Send email" (I don't think this really emails the entire organization if you leave it) but better be safe than sorry?
  6. Share

Example for a Folder...

  1. Go to the folder you want to grant permission to
  2. ... 
  3. Manage access
  4. +  button next to "Direct access"
  5. Type in "Everyone except external users"
  6. Grant access


If you'd like us to bring back a simple "Allow everyone in my organization to view" check box type feature to SharePoint/OneDrive closer to what Stream (Classic) had, please add that request in our ideas forum and add your votes/comments on it: https://aka.ms/StreamIdeas 

Unfortunately, not all organizations expose the EEEU claim due to compliance restrictions. Implementation of a video content version of EEEU would hopefully be a separate, manageable claim.