Default Mute / CC on - How to change the change this


I've noticed lately that Stream videos play but are default muted, with Closed Captions on by default as well. I don't want either of these to be the defaults, can this be changed?

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Hey, I've noticed the same. Following to see if there are any solutions on this.

I'm following this too. Some of our users have uploaded videos this week and they are opening with sound muted. The sound works when embedding the video on a SharePoint page but not in Stream itself. Very odd!

Same issue appearing for us.

I'm with everyone else here. This should not be the default setting and just recently started to happen.
Same thoughts, so I'm interested in the resolution.



Same issue here The last few weeks it's defaulted to starting on mute. It's a major pain since i do a bit of video editing and every time we share a video, it starts muted. And it's also time consuming to communicate every time a link it sent that you have to unmute it. 

I'm guessing Microsoft has rolled out some update to Stream which has caused this issue. Fingers crossed they are working on a fix!
Same problem here!
There is still no solution / workaround provided by Microsoft?!
Having the same issue, cannot find any place in any settings to resolve it. Loaded a bunch of 30-second instructional snippets, but the videos are half-over before people realize it's muted and they need to go back and restart. So much for "fast and easy"!
I've spent hours trying to find a solution but so far I've been unsuccessful. Please report back if you discover how to fix it.