Create/Record screen or video does not pop up

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We use Microsoft Stream on our Sharepoint site and one person has an issue.  When she clicks on Create and then Record Screen or Video nothing opens.  It just does nothing.  It works for her on another computer fine.  So it feels like a setting blocking it.  It does not work in Chrome or Edge.  I have checked pop-up blockers.  Chrome settings have been reset.  Any ideas?


I am new to this application so any assistance is appreciated.

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Thanks for the report and sorry they are having an issue. You said it works for this user on one computer but not another computer?

You also said "Create" and "Record screen or video", is this on classic Stream? Is the site Or is this on Stream on SharePoint (

If it is classic Stream can they go to this direct link and see if it works:

It isn't a pop-up which loads, it is in the same app frame so I don't think there is a pop-up blocking this.

Since it was working on one computer but not another I am not sure if there is a server issue or is there is a local issue on that device. I haven't seen other people report this but we will look into it.

Please share any other details that you find.

@descapa_msft I did find we are using Classic view.  I opened a ticket with Microsoft but unfortunately they were no help.  I then under her profile logged on sharepoint with my account and opened Stream/Record as myself and it worked.  So I logged out of my account and she logged back in hers and Stream/Record worked!!


So we are monitoring.  No idea but resolved for now.

Thank you for your response.