Closed captions not displaying

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I posted on this before but got no reply, so I'm trying again. 


Closed captions no longer display in videos I've uploaded to Stream on Sharepoint. They did previously.


The only way I can get the captions to display is to switch Transcript and Captions to Off, back On, click on the CC button and select English (Australia).


People viewing the videos cannot use this workaround as they have View Only access.


Can someone help to rectify this issue, please?








If anyone else has this issue, I've found that the closed captions display as intended if I do not set noise suppression as the default.



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@Michael620 no love on the default noise suppression option for me.

@Laura155 - this is a more likely a design fault and has only very recently been identified by some users in our company.  We have a number of users who are hearing impaired who can no long access Closed Captions on past and new recordings stored in modern sharepoint sites if the recordings are set to Read only access. But we don't want to provide Edit access as then users can potentially delete recordings or alter the associated transcripts. I will be raising this issue through my IT department to raise with Microsoft as this has serious implications to our users and our ability to provide an 'inclusive' workplace. (And FYI, we still have this issue if Noise Suppression Default is turned off)

or me
I’ve asked our transcript and caption team to take a look and weigh in.

Hello :smile:! I'm Hao and I work on transcriptions and closed captions for new Stream. This issue has been fixed. Please submit a support ticket if issues persist.

Thank you for fixing this issue. We can confirm, that we have been able to turn on Closed Captions on recordings we did not have Edit access to. On a couple of older recordings, a message came up when we clicked on Closed Captions that Edit access was required but Closed Captions on all newer recording appear to work.