Clarification needed on Stream Classic for SharePoint


My customer is heavy on stream and have different customization to be migrated.
Appreciate if there are more thoughts from the product group as below so the customer can migrate with more confidence. 

  • Is the redirection grace period a hard limit, can it be extended to more than 2 years?
  • SPO web part on SharePoint on Stream will there be a timeline in the near future?
  • We notice Stream has been integrated more to M365 suite, will viva is also be suitable and available integrate with stream video ?
  • For the migration tool announced, are there any performance reference/ indicator so that the customer can estimate the time and plan of migration more accurately? 


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You mentioned Viva. Is there a specific module you're referring to?

For Viva Engage / Yammer, if you copy a video URL from SharePoint/OneDrive it creates a nice playback thumbnail in your Viva Engage/Yammer post.

Microsoft says they will redirect URLs and Embeds for 1 year after Stream retires in Feb 2024. Do not plan on them extending this.