Cannot select videos from another site in Stream Web Part

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This new stream web part is somehow disappointing.

I'm implementing the new Stream in a client and yet again I find another bug.


I'm trying to select a video folder from another site and I get the message that the "list does not exist".


It seems the web part is trying to get the selected list from the current site instead of the site selected.


Can you please fix it Microsoft? My client if getting a little bit frustrated.


Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 19.15.37.png

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In the meantime . . . try using the File and Media web part if you are trying to just get to one file. It will give you an inline display of the video to play. If you are trying to grab multiple videos, then you may be able to utilize metadata and grab videos from multiple sites by using the Highlighted content web part to do that and display it on the page. In the next couple of weeks the updates to the Highlighted content web part will arrive and we will be able to use it to aggregate videos and serve them up with the Carousel and Filmstrip formats to play inline.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I used the Highlighted Content web part to display multiple videos from a different site.
The fix for the above-mentioned bug is also done from our end. The changes should be visible to you by the end of this month.