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I'm trying to watch teams meeting records on sharepoint stream. (Recorded by university) But every two minutes, video page goes black and after a while, it gives "NO NETWORK" error. I have +50 MBPS connection and can watch FHD youtube videos without a problem. This problem occurs both on mobile and desktop devices. And I also tried to clear cache, try a different browser etc.. 

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This sounds like the issue is not on your end, but on the end of the university where the video is stored.

Surely this is because Stream on Sharepoint is not a video streaming service.

@GrantKMurray I am not sure what you mean by this statement. SharePoint is the storage location and Stream is the streaming service and app that plays it. . . just like if you watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo. . . the files are stored and then there is a player that plays them. If you get a network error message. . . then either it is on the end of the receiver or the hosting provider. Depending on how the access is structured by the university to get to those Microsoft 365 resources, there can certainly be network access issues that have nothing to do with SharePoint or Stream. If someone is accessing Stream via a vpn connection then a network could be an issue or depending on how authentication is being handled.
Was there ever resolution to this? I have a user who is experiencing the same. Teams meeting recordings shared from OneDrive.