can't manage access in Stream...block download not working

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I note that if I share a video from oneDrive I can "block downloads" and, if I share with specific people I can effectively prevent sharing without permission.  When I share in this way the link takes the recipient to a page in sharepoint, but they cannot download (the overflow menu containing the "download" option is not visible) and if they try to share with anyone who does not have existing access the author has to give permission. 
Contrast this with the situation I have encountered in Stream.  I can ensure that access is restricted to members and I can change the rights of members to "can view".  I can then share by getting a link and before generating the link I can limit access to specified users I can restrict access to "can view" and I can toggle "block download" to on.  I then generate the link and email it to someone and as far as my testing has revealed that person can a. see the overflow menu b. download the video and c. use the sharing link without restriction.  Admittedly my recipient is in the same institution, but the video is located in a private team where that person is a member and I have taken all of the above steps to restrict their permissions. 
Is this expected/accepted?
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