Camera not supported on this browser or device

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When I press "+ new recording" on my iPad pro, Stream opens a new tab but then defaults to a black screen with the error message; "Camera not supported on this browser or device. Please use the latest version of the new Microsoft Edge or Google chrome...". I am already using the latest version of Edge. Does the new version of Stream not work on iPad? 

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That feature does require Edge or Chrome desktop (based on the Chromium rendering engine). All browsers on iOS/iPadOS use Safari's rendering engine.

You can always record a video on your iPad and upload it into M365 via that Stream home page.
Kevin is correct that on iPad it uses the Safari WebKit engine.

Currently the camera/screen recording is not supported on mobile browsers, on both Android & iOS/iPadOS.

In the future we foresee that the camera will be in the Stream Mobile app which will allow you to record on your mobile device and upload to OneDrive for Business.