Bug Where Chapters are Getting Corrupted

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I can reproduce a bug with chapters where there get mixed-up between videos. When that happens, the bogus chapters from other videos are missing thumbnails and can't be edited.


See video here: https://youtu.be/FrhIW-zLuf8


The workaround is to always refresh the page after loading.


Where should this be reported?

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@Stuart McGarrity - Oh my, that's a fairly bad bug.


I just tried it myself in a test environment and couldn't reproduce it. I'll send your video on to our chapter team for investigation but they might need a bit more info... 


Can you either...

1. Open a support ticket so we can get a session ID and fiddler trace?


2. Click the "?" to open the help pane and select Report an issue, describe the problem, and then paste this unique string so we can search for your report to know it's your issue: "MSTCChaptersBugAcrossVideos102022"

Hi Marc,

I can't see where to "Report an Issue" in the help pane.

I do not have permission to attach a screenshot so here is another video:
Sorry there are way too many ? And side panes.

On the pink stream player page, in the player side panes, under comments, there is also a ? Panel.

In that there should be a report an issue tab.
I don't see anything under there:. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKHe4IkHpsQ

Could our organization have disabled it?

Is the opening of a support ticket the other option? I've no idea how to do that. Should I talk to our IT folks?
Sorry! Seems like our report an issue isn’t enabled in your tenant either.

You would have to talk with your IT team and have them file a support ticket.

I passed on your repro video to the engineers. They were aware of the issue but are having a hard time reproducing it themselves to know how to fix it. You video is helpful showing how it happens for you.

Let me check with them to see if they’ve gotten any further on their investigation.
They still couldn't reproduce this issue but they are attempting a fix. It'll take a bit of time for it to be checked in and deployed. Hopefully what they changed addresses this issue.
We were finally able to reproduce the issue so a fix is in progress now. They are hoping to check in the correct fix today and it'll take a while to deploy.