Audio is choppy when I add music to my video

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I am recording a screen capture video. When I add music using the "Add Music" feature and publish the video. The audio on the playback is all choppy and unrecognizable. I have no way of undoing it and I am required to re-record the video. I have tried multiple times, but can't get the audio to work when I add music. This worked on a recording I did a few weeks ago and it sounded great. I am not sure why is has stopped working. Does anyone have any ideas why it has stopped working? Is this a system wide problem?

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Odd, When I download the video and play it locally, I am not getting the choppy audio. This must a Microsoft 365 issue.

@cbsmith5100 I'm getting reports from a lot of users in my organization with the same issue when they record in Stream or Flip and use the music feature. It wasn't an issue until recently. I'd love to know how to resolve this.

Correction. After downloading, I played the video, the audio is good for the first 90 seconds and then it stops as the video continues for the next 3 minutes and comes to an end. No sound after 90ish seconds.