Audio files not playing in Stream on SharePoint

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My company created a workbook about 5 years ago and uploaded the audio for that workbook to one of our SharePoint sites (our company uses Office 365 as our productivity suite and cloud storage) and embedded links to those files in QR codes that are placed with each exercise.  We made the audio generally available in MP3 format so that our customers would be able to stream the audio from our SharePoint to their phone without logging in by scanning the QR Code.  When it opened the file, it appeared to just open in what I'm guessing is a default audio player in whatever the default onboard browser is.  For the last 5 years, we've had no issues with this set up.


Until about 2 weeks ago.


Starting at roughly the beginning of May, some users (who prior to this were able to access the audio) started getting error messages saying that the file couldn't be opened and to try again or try a different browser.  This message appears to be from the Stream Web App, which is the first I'd ever actually heard of Stream.  At least, Stream appears in the top left corner of the screen, hence why I'm here.  They couldn't even access audio files they had been able to access before this started.


I have been unable to recreate this on my own devices (Android). I have OneDrive and SharePoint installed on my phone, so usually when I scan one of these QR codes it defaults to opening in the embedded media player within OneDrive, but I can get the links to open in Chrome, where it does open the Stream Web App, though it doesn't give me any errors.


To that end, I have not been able to confirm that it happens at all on Android - we are trying to get information from our customers when it happens on what devices they are trying to use when these errors occur and thus far nobody has confirmed they have been using an Android device when they recieved the message.


I can verify that it has happened on iOS devices; as several customers have confirmed that they tried to access it on an iPhone when they got the error.  It doesn't happen on all iOS devices, either; I confirmed yesterday that some people with iOS devices have been able to access the audio just fine.


I'm wondering if anybody here has any ideas about what's going on?  I'm completely in the dark on Stream as a platform and on what, if anything, that may be causing with our links for some people that used to work all the time for everybody.


Thanks in advance!

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