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Our corporate communications are trying to leverage Stream (On Sharepoint) instead of Vimeo. I'm trying to find documentation on best practices. I found this on Bitrate Stream (on SharePoint) FAQ - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn.
This is great but if I take a video and edit in Clipchamp and the bitrate goes above 19 Mbps we start seeing a buffering window. Its isn't the network as I see the issues on all endpoint in the office or at home. Anyone else saw buffering issues or find any best practices when creating content with other products not ClipChamp or Stream?

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I have done more testing with Stream (on SharePoint) and the bitrate likes to be 5mbps or less to not buffer. if the bitrate is higher, we get a spinning icon while it buffers. Has anyone else seen this problem?

@Keefer0204 - Stream (on SharePoint) (videos uploaded to ODB, SPO, Teams, etc) should be able to handle much higher bitrates that 5 mbps without lots of buffering. I wonder if something else is going on with your specific setup. Please open a support case and if support can't figure it out have them escalate it up to the Stream product group engineering team so we can have our playback engineers take a look at the logs for your specific playback sessions.