Additional audio tracks on videos disappear after a few seconds of playback

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I was trying out the new audio tracks feature only to find it doesn't seem to work on my end: When I add an additional audio track to a video, Stream uploads it and presents the earphone icon. When I select the new audio track, Stream switches to the different track, plays it back for a few seconds and then switches back to the original track, removing the earphone icon. An error message says: This audio title cannot be played back.


The audio track has exactly the same length as the video. I tried differen formats (M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV) and different channel layouts (Mono, Stereo, 5.1). The result is always the same: This audio title cannot be played back.


Is anyone else having this issue? What can I do to avoid it?

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I think you will find the answer to your question in this information post on adding additional audio tracks to support additional languages and descriptions to video files.

@karen_dredske Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, the article is not referring to the issue I'm having. Did anybody get this feature to work? How did you do it? Why is Stream playing my additional audio tracks for a few seconds, but then decides the track cannot be played?

I made a funny observation: The additional audio track plays perfectly on the Stream app on my Android smartphone. Unfortunately, it won't play on Edge on my Windows 11 machine, throwing an error.

@MARK13 first off THANK YOU for taking the time to share this behavior in audio tracks with us, we really value your feedback.  In this particular instance you are right it's not some isolated behavior, nor are you doing anything out of the ordinary; this is an incident we recently uncovered.  We already have the mitigation rolling out as we speak, however it might take a couple of days to be fully available in all regions.  I will update this thread when the mitigation rollout is complete.  And thanks again for trying audio tracks, I'm sorry your first experience wasn't ideal but rest assured that we'll make sure the next one is!