Watch a Stream Video in Office 365 Outlook email

Watch a Stream Video in Office 365 Outlook email



 May 01 2020
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Can a video be embedded in Office 365 Outlook email so that Stream Videos can be viewed in the email? I believe this will increase viewership and reduce the click count viewers have to go through. Thank you!

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Status changed to: Working on it

Hello, thank you for your input! We agree that this is an important and productive feature to have, and are currently working on an email embed for Stream so that videos can be played inline in Outlook mail.

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Hi folks! Any update on this? Tried a workaround (HTML embedded in an Outlook e-mail), but no luck.


Currently implementation has us linking to the video via an image ... agree with the original poster that it's a bit clunky and likely lowers the watch rate as a result.


Thanks! :)