Video editing tools

Video editing tools



 Sep 21 2020
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Would be great to be able to do simple editing beyond trimming the start and end of a video.  Other screencast recording options allow you to:

  • Add titles
  • Split the video and trim sections out
  • Crop the screen
  • Zoom in to focus on a particular area

Stream needs these before we can move away from other platforms.

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A feature that would create flexibility and remove the need for additional software for most users, would be basic content editing capabilities within Stream prior to publishing, such us:

- "top and tail" or content trimming (These features exist in powerpoint at a basic level when inserting media).

- video and audio mute/unmute

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I agree - I need to duplicate a video on stream to edit version 2, e.g. duplicate small snippets for insert into powerpoint files, but I don't want to mess with the original. Downloading / uploading is too much for bandwidth, patience, sanity... can't I as an owner of a stream recording duplicate it and snippet as needed on version 2?

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Video trimming function



​​​現在 Microsoft Stream 上でトリミングをする際、前半部分、または後半部分のトリミングが可能だが、真ん中部分のトリミングも行えるようにしてほしい

Currently when trimming videos on Microsoft Stream, it is possible to trim the first or last halves, but please add a way to trim away parts in the center.

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This is really important to enable faster p[roduction of video without having to download and edit in a third party app. The ability to edit / remove / delete sections from the middle of the video is key

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