Using Express Route for Microsoft Stream

Using Express Route for Microsoft Stream



 Apr 10 2020
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Microsoft Stream における Express Route の利用について
Using Express Route for Microsoft Stream
現時点では Microsoft Stream は、Express Route のサポート対象外となっているが、利用できるように機能拡充を希望する​
Currently Microsoft Stream does not support Express Route, but we hope the feature can be changed to allow support.
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Do not advertise the same public IP Address route prefix to the public Internet and over ExpressRoute. It is strongly recommended that the IP BGP Route Prefix advertisements to Microsoft over ExpressRoute are from a range which is not advertised to the internet at all. If this is not possible to achieve due to the available IP Address space, then it is essential to ensure you advertise a more specific range over ExpressRoute than any internet circuits.

Use separate NAT IP pools per ExpressRoute circuit and separate to that of your internet circuits.

Be aware that any route advertised to Microsoft will attract network traffic from any server in Microsoft's network, not only those for which routes are advertised to your network over ExpressRoute. Only advertise routes to servers where routing scenarios are defined and well understood by your team. Advertise separate IP Address route prefixes at each of multiple ExpressRoute circuits from your network.

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Microsoft Stream ExpressRoute について

About ExpressRoute and Microsoft Stream



Microsoft Stream  ExpressRoute をサポートしてほしい


Please add support for ExpressRoute on Microsoft Stream.

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