Uploading MP3 files (podcasts)

Uploading MP3 files (podcasts)
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It would be great if you could upload MP3 files onto stream to host Podcast channels alongside the video content. Is there any plans for this in the future

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@Kerryi, as a workaround why not upload the podcast as video as many podcasters do it on youtube?
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yeah that's what we currently do but some of our podcasts are very long so the ability to upload an MP3 would be a lot quicker for us

Really looking forward to this solution as well. Since we only need and have the audio, it feels quite simply absurd to have to create blank video for it. We just want to share our internal podcasts with our Communications Sharepoint-hub.

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I am also looking for a way to distribute podcasts within out company (50,000+) and would love to see this capability added to Streams. As a work around, we are looking at using Teams and publishing within Sharepoint as a trial. There was a techcommunity video published a few months ago on how to do this if anyone else is interested:

I'll also try the suggestion that MarcusB (above) suggested.

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