Supporting text for videos hard to get by

Supporting text for videos hard to get by
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When looking at additional text for a video, next to it being trunctuated as always, the UI does not make it very easy to see the full text. See screenshot.

The usual ... next to the text is tiny and doesnt do anything. Not making it clear in the first place that there is more info to be found.

The more button under the text itself does not help. I have to select to more button on the far right to actually see the all the content.

I would like to suggest to review the UI here and make it easier for to find content. We often link to documents or other items in the info box and there is no way to let the user know that it can be found there.



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Note that my comment was referring to the old layout of Stream. Much has been improved, so I guess this suggestion is no longer relevant and can be deleted.

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Fixing an error with idea statues.


@Amit Rajput user says this idea is no longer relevant.

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