Stream Webpart for SharePoint Online - Default View

Stream Webpart for SharePoint Online - Default View



 Jun 05 2018
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Currently, the Stream webpart in SharePoint (in preview) displays a lot of information over the thumbnail of the video:

  • The play button
  • Title
  • Number of plays
  • Number of likes
  • Option to add to watchlist
  • Option to like

Suggestion: to create for a cleaner look and to allow for more visual interest in the content, instead of having the information display by default, only have the play button show (to clearly indicate it's a video). Then, display the extra information upon a mouse-over/hover. If hovering is a concern in mobile, then display the information at the top and bottom of the video window, but not right over the thumbnail image.

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Status changed to: Under review

Thanks for this input! We made some changes for this in Stream (Classic), and are now working on SharePoint web part updates for New Stream, so will take this under consideration.

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