Stream video eLearning / LMS integration - wrap as SCORM package

Stream video eLearning / LMS integration - wrap as SCORM package



 Jun 29 2017
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Enable visual integration of Stream administrated videos as formal-learning in eLearning / LMS solutions. Support SCORM package, so that a student's progress can be captured.

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Glad to see this already suggested, I was about to suggest the same thing.

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Also keen to use the 'create live stream' functionality for Webinars within Moodle.

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We really need it !!

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Any news about this proposal? It's been almost 3 years since it was originally posted...

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how can we configure scorm package in sharepoint server/office 365 and playing videos in online sharepoint.please help on this.

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This would be very helpful for EVERY company. At the moment i make some interactive tutorials with Camtasia. Unfortunately i have no possibility to upload it oder provide it for our teams. I tried it on Sharepoint and Teams but it didnt work. Only on our shared drive or after sending it with a mail (what a wastage of space) started the video cours corrcetly in the browser.

Imagine what advantage this would be. As far as i know, no other Videoplatform can do it right now (except the in-house platforms like from camtasia). In my opinion this would be a big technological advance and many costumers would prefer stream and microsoft products instead of using other LMS software etc.

In combination with the possibility of creating playlists, that would be a weapon of learning. Basic courses can be done without expensive teachers 24/7. I hope i made my point. Thank you very much!

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Excelent Idea! Thanks!

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Status changed to: Not at this time

@William van Strien - thanks for posting this idea so folks could vote on it. We don't have any short-term plans to enable SCORM in either Stream (Classic) nor New Stream (which runs on OneDrive and SharePoint). Having said that, we know this is a popular request, and with expanding API and analytics capabilities, more options will open up in 2021 and beyond. As votes continue to increase on this idea and we continue to add functionality that would support SCORM, we'll continue to consider adding support for it at a future date.

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This can be done more simply via LTI integration, for which there is another active idea: