Stream SharePoint WebPart Sort by Name

Stream SharePoint WebPart Sort by Name



 Aug 12 2021
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Just to be clear, this is not the same as sorting by name within Stream itself, as per this post:


I am specifically referring to the ability to sort videos in the Microsoft Stream SharePoint WebPart. Sorting by Name is not an option within this WebPart, however it is available in Stream itself. I have had numerous customers highlight their frustration at the inconsistency in this behaviour when adding channels to SharePoint pages.


Please add the option to sort by name to the Microsoft Stream SharePoint WebPart


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The ability to set the order of Stream recordings manually, whether in a SharePoint webpart or in a tab on a Teams channel, seems like it would be very helpful for many folks in many lines of business.


Hi @Garth_Shaner yes agreed, being able to set the order on a Teams Channel would also be very useful

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Hi @Garth_Shaner  fully support the idea of being able to support the order of uploaded videos in Teams. It seems that everyone thinks that because MS have wonderfully added a tab to sort the order in Streams that has fixed the overall issue - which it has not. But I have doubts that MS will ever do anything about this. I have seen comments back as far as 2017 and still nothing. grrrrr 

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