Stream: Search Prioritization

Stream: Search Prioritization



 Oct 05 2018
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We have been struggling to figure out how searching in Stream works.


For example, we feel that searching a tag should return all videos containing that tag first and then any videos with the terms in the title/transcription second. Then, it would be great to be able to search for multiple tags.


For example, if I search "#Corporate #Training #Mobile", any videos containing these 3 tags should show up first. This would allow us to better organize content.


Right now, we fail to see any reason to tag videos. The way search works right now, tags feel virtually useless.


Also, searching by video title doesn't work all that well either. Even if you know the exact title, other content will show up before it (if that content contains some of the keywords in the transcription/description).


At this point, we don't really know what we're going to get when searching. So we encourage searching for videos within channels or simply send out direct links to the videos.

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This is a real issue. Love Streams, but without effective search it will become an eternal frustration. We are betting and trusting the Microsoft will get this as robust as the rest of search in O365.

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