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 Jun 21 2017
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While having trending videos displayed on the Stream homepage is nice, I would like to be able select videos to be spotlighted also.  o365 Video allowed us to do this per channel, which would be nice for the Stream channel owner to be able to do, but some content needs to be spotlighted to the whole company, not just the viewers of a channel.

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this is a nice feature to have on Stream.  We use it on O365 Video.  Our Corporate Communications department likes to decide what needs to show on the video home page especially when something needs to be communicated across the organization. 

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This was announced at ignite BR52097 do you know when it will be released as a feature?

Hi @Mandy Clark @Alana Baker. Unfortunately we do not have a concrete date or timeline to give you for this feature however we really appreciate your feedback on this forum and I'll be sure to keep the thread updated as we get closer to the deployment. 



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I made a presentation of Stream to my communication dpt. and they mentioned many times this feature, much awaited then!

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@Deleted I found the ability to add to the Spotlight in the Stream Admin settings just today.

If you are an admin

Click your profile icon at the top right of the portal

Select Admin Settings

Select "Spotlight videos"

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Looks like they're now live...

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Spotlight videos for the entire site are nice, but it would also be nice to be able to spotlight videos per channel and/or group.

Spotlight videos feature in Microsoft Stream is now complete.

You can spotlight videos on the home page or stream and you can spotlight videos for a group.


See the help docs for more information on how to do this:

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Spotlight videos on the Stream portal home page and on Stream groups is now available and has been for some time.


See this help article for more info:

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