Skip back/forward playback controls (buttons + keyboard shortcut)

Skip back/forward playback controls (buttons + keyboard shortcut)
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A lot of our longer-duration meetings are posted to MS Stream, and it is difficult to go back 5, 10, or 15 seconds without accidentally going back much further on a video of 30+ minutes. 


Please consider adding 15-second skip back/forward buttons, and if you can do so legally, please consider using the same keyboard shortcuts as YouTube since millions have already internalized those keyboard shortcuts. (J = skip back, K = play/pause, L = skip forward, F = Fullscreen). 



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Yes, yes, yes!   We absolutely need this feature.  I use Stream a lot on my mobile phone.  It's hard to go back 5 or 10secs.  Sometimes you need to hear something again.


Simple videos played from OneDrive have this capability

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