Simplify adding people permission to view Stream content

Simplify adding people permission to view Stream content
 Oct 10 2019
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The only way I can find to add additional people to view my videos from say a meeting recording is to navigate to a list of my videos then use the pencil/edit icon and add them under the 'Permissions' section.

Intuitively I would expect the 'Share/Email' workflow from the main video window to do the same as I have select specific users to send it to.

The permissions UI should be exposed in the various views of my content in a simply manner.


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If i want to publish a video to a certian user the only way is to make him/her owner of the vid. That way this user can change the settings and make it public. 


I would like to assign only display permissions to a single user



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Dear Team.Currently when we share the recipients do not get notification via email.Can we make the sharing experience similar to one drive.

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Agreed!  The 'Share' feature in almost every other Microsoft Product enables permissions to the object.  It's very confusing to our end users when they choose to share a meeting recording to others that did not attend the meeting.  The content is not appropriate for public use.  


With the Share option, having an additional dialog box to confirm "add these users with view permissions" would save a lot of extra steps and reduce confusion.

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