Simple video editing

Simple video editing
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We have been using the "live" feature for a few of our corporate town hall broadcasts.  When we do this, we often start the live stream 5 or 10 minutes before the actual meeting starts.  After the meeting, there is obviously 10 minutes of unnecessary video at the start of a playback.


A simple video editing tool (within Stream) that would all trimming, or adding music, (similar to YouTube or Brightcove) would be a big win.  Instead, I now download the video, trim it in a 3rd-party app, then re-upload it.

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it is in development.

This is on the road map for April 2019. 

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Any update on this item?



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Roadmap now says "Q4 CY2019"


Video creation and editing in Microsoft Stream

Quickly create videos using Microsoft Stream! The new feature allows you to record your screen and voice to make creating videos just as easy as posting them.



Doesn't really make clear what kind of editing.

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Yeah, definitely need to be able to edit videos. We click record during a meeting for training, but we only need to re-watch/share the important parts out of respect for co-worker's time. 

Even simple cuts. nothing fancy. Just need to make a 30 minute capture down to a 3 minute video to share with new people. 

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

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Agreed, a simple trim option for edit recording in-place would be great. This would boost adoption of Stream, which our preferred choice instead of using unlisted YouTube videos for internal training videos.

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Any updates on when this feature of 'trimming' a video will be available? 

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I like the trim function but would like to cut out a section of a meeting (in the middle), to remove confidential information.  Can we enhance the trim function, to remove or to have chapters, to get to a section in the meeting?

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Is there an update to when this feature is available?


I dont want to export my content into YouTube Studio just to trim some content.

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Could you please build-in ability to trim inside the video as well - not just the beginning and end.

It takes forever to download videos after teaching, then upload them on Panopto, trim them, and export them.

I can never send my video to my students after a lecture - I always have to say it will be there in two days.

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