Share button for Stream channels

Share button for Stream channels
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Videos have a very nice and convenient Share button, which allows users to generate the embed code for a video.

I'd love to see that button available for channels as well! In particular the embed code part for a channel. The "modern" Stream web part for SharePoint Online offers a channel view, so I figured it is already supported by Stream, did some source code checking and found out that it basically points to a link like<channel ID>. Wouldn't it be nice if users can easily generate the required embed code right from a channel page in Stream :)

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I agree, being able to embed a channel would be very beneficial! We would use this functionality often to embed channels into SharePoint sites. It would be great if when you clicked to insert video on a SharePoint site if you got the option to insert a single video or a channel. I assume the current button in the ribbon will change once the migration to Stream takes place? It says "Insert Offie 365 Video" right now.

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Agree, being able to embed a video would be super helpful and convenient.

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I want to be able to embed videos into MS O365 applications including SharePoint.

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The ability to embed video channels would be very convenient!

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Embeddding would enable numerous channels and methods for displaying videos; the less limitations on how and where they can be displayed, the better.

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Yes. A way to embed MS Stream channels in SharePoint online (ideally from the button in the rich text editor where we can currently select Office 365 videos to embed) is a feature our business owners are requesting.

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Would be nice to have these web part views also available on SharePoint 2016 On Premises and not only on the Online version

Status changed to: Completed

There is now a "Share" button for channels that allow you to grab an embed code for the channel and embed the entire channel on some other location. The embed will be the same as when you use the SharePoint Online Stream webpart or add a channel to a Tab in Teams.


To access the Channel embed code:

Go to a channel in Stream > ... > Share > Embed

Including sort option! Nice :) Thanks Marc!

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