Set individual permissions all at once in Stream

Set individual permissions all at once in Stream



 Jun 23 2020
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Microsoft Stream における各権限を一括設定できるようにしてほしい

Set individual permissions all at once in Stream



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Microsoft Stream のアクセス権限を管理するため、ユーザーやグループの情報を CSV Input して一括で設定する機能や、権限設定がされているユーザーとグループの情報を一覧で Output する機能の実装を希望します。


In order to manage access rights in Stream, we would like to be able to input user and group information to a CSV and use that to set them all at once, and output the information for users and groups for whom permissions have been set up.

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@O365_Japan_Support, thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately, we won't be adding this functionality in classic Stream.


In good news, however, requests like these were part of the reason that we decided to move storage for the new version of Stream over to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online (ODSP). For example, I think you will be able to use CSV files and PowerShell to both set and report permissions for large sets of New Stream users and groups just as you can other SharePoint users today. Please see the following article to see if it will provide the functionality you are seeking as Stream continues transitioning to ODSP throughout 2021. 

Manage SharePoint Online users and groups with PowerShell - Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Doc...

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