See who is following a channel

See who is following a channel



 Nov 01 2019
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List to see who is following a channel


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Best, Chris


I am in great need of this feature as well!

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I would like to have this feature as well. This would be so helpful. I have a standalone company-wide channel created a while ago, that I would now like to sit within a group but I can't link an existing company-wide channel to a group. I am considering deleting the company-wide channel and creating a new channel under the right group but this means losing the following of the first channel, and I have no way to know who they are and contact them.

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I have different groups watching many different channels and need to ensure everyone from a particular group is following their channel for equipment training that they work on. Please make this happen asap. 


Would love this feature! Not really sure why it would not be available? Channel admins need to be able to see who is following channel so we can ensure that the correct people are following/not following.

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I agree with all of these comments! It would help tie to our company's training and development function for tracking who is getting notified of latest updates we need to send out and who we need to nudge to start following. 

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This is a bare Minimum Requirement for content developers.

In case of privacy issues, we shall allow audience to choose whether to be anonymous or not.

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@Christopher Hoard and others who've commented here, thank you for the feedback on channel followers for classic Stream! We won't be adding this functionality in classic Stream.


Looking forward to the new version of Stream, the concept of channels goes away, but will be replaced to some extent in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online (ODSP) with the ability to group content using folders, sub-folders, and playlists. While a user can follow a site or specific document library items in ODSP, they can't follow a smaller set of content, such as you might find in a folder. Even at the site and document level, there isn't way in ODSP to retrieve the identities of people following them. However, users can set alerts on specific folders or libraries, and there are ways to retrieve information about who has set such alerts (e.g., Manage, view, or delete SharePoint alerts - SharePoint (


In case it helps, if the site is configured to allow it, you can see or retrieve which people have viewed specific files in ODSP, including videos. This will be useful in helping confirm which students or employees have watched required content using the new version of Stream.  

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