Rich Text for the Video Description field

Rich Text for the Video Description field
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At the very least I want to be able to embed a URL in the video description, but all the usual formatting options would be cool - like available in this comment box!

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Give users the ability to attach a powerpoint presentation to a given video. 

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Love this idea. we use a simalary ability with our live streaming tech and our employees would benifit if we had this same ability with VoD. 

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Please add this feature.  It is extremely useful, and will solve some issues that we are currently experiencing.


We enabled the ability to URLs in description. Please let us know if this solves the problem. At this time, we are not planning to uploading related documents via Stream so they will need to be uploaded elsewhere (OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.). 

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We have been previewing stream in our organization and also have this feature request!  Our users want to be able to put bullet lists and format paragraphs in the description of the video.  So make that at least 2 people who want this feature!

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For examples, provides seminar materials for attendee, additional info via url links


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Rich Text is all that we need.  With the addition of URL support, we can now linking to the supporting documentation.

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URL's can be added to the the description and will automatically pick up hyperlinks of the appropriate format.  This should suffice the idea request, however, feel free to add another idea, if additional features are wanted.


Hyperlink doesn't mantain when you include in Stream WebPart in a SharePoint Site.

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