Resume video playback where I left off

Resume video playback where I left off



 May 22 2018
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 I couldn't see this suggested in the first couple of pages, but it seems aparant to me that there is no auto-resume feature for long running stream videos. Sometimes I come across a long video of almost 2hrs (SharePoint North American Conference - keynote speech) and can't realistically watch all of it during by business working day. I'd prefer to watch it over a couple of days. What I'm suggesting is the ability for stream to detect where I last got to in the playback of the video and offer to resume it from where I last got to. This is a common feature elsewhere, and appears to be lacking in Stream - but am sure it's been proposed and considered anyway?




When returning to Stream, I'd like the option to be able to finish watching videos I've started. This is pretty common in consumer apps like Amazon Video and Netflix.

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There is currently no auto-resume on the videos in Microsoft Stream and this seems completely outdated due to the amount of systems with this feature. We are using stream to provide training to staff and some users might not be able to watch the full video at once. Therefore the user needs to close down the portal, however they will lose all their progress in the video. This shouldn't happen because the video should auto resume from the place the user left the video at. This feature really needs implementing soon.

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