Restrictions on Stream

Restrictions on Stream
 Sep 29 2020
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Stream の制御について

Restrictions on Stream



​​​​ユーザーごとに、アップロード可能な容量を制限する機能を用意して欲しい。エンドユーザーのリテラシーはそれぞれ異なり、1 名が大容量を消費してしまうことで他ユーザーに迷惑がかかるなどの恐れもあるため。


I want the ability to restrict how much data can be uploaded on a per-user basis. IT literacy varies a lot by user, so there is a risk that one user using up a large amount of storage can cause issues for other users, etc.

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Would this apply to the current version of Stream ("classic" Stream), or New Stream?  

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Quota per user should be in both old and new Stream as the old Stream will still be around for some time.

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