Replace a video in Stream without breaking links or embed codes

Replace a video in Stream without breaking links or embed codes
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It would be great to have a feature where you can replace/edit the source video file in Steam.  This will allow URLs to remain static for content that may change (or need a quick correction) and not disrupt the user experience. 

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AWESOME!!!!!  Thank you so much.


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Excellent! Thank you.

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Awesome to read that it actually works. I've found this option recently and i didnt believe that. I must test it. Thanks a lot.

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The Replace is not working quite right for me. I'm attempting to replace a .MOV file with another. When I upload (or drag/drop) it says the file format (.MOV) is not a supported format. But it IS a supported format because the original video is .MOV. Anyone else encountering this issue? And if so, is there a workaround? Thanks!


@JulesKC thanks for reaching out to the forums. Messages like this from the community really help grow the product, so we really appreciate it. We were able to find a minor bug and are working on getting the fix out. In the meantime, as a workaround, if you rename the file to be all lowercase, the replace should work from there. Thanks again for the report.

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