Remove 15 minutes limit on Stream screen capture

Remove 15 minutes limit on Stream screen capture



 May 13 2020
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Under review

Hi Microsoft, would you please remove the 15 minutes limit on screen capture on Microsoft Stream ?

Thank you.

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We've done several of these and the feature is handy, but the resolution on the resulting videos is horrible. 

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also....webm, really?

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Hi @Chris Knowlton , 


im glad to see that this is under review. What I would like to understand is that if you hold a teams meeting , and record your screen / meeting / session, for an unlimited time, it uploads to Stream none the less ? So why cut the screen recordings to only 15 mins when you can record for hours on a meeting and it uploads to stream ? I’m finding it hard to understand why limit the recording to 15 mins only ? Please advise ? 

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We're having to use GoToMeeting or other platforms for screen recording when we want to record training modules outside of meetings.  Ultimately these videos will end up in MSstream, so cutting out the 15-minute limit would be a great feature. 

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