"showinfo=false" not working in Microsoft Streams embed code

"showinfo=false" not working in Microsoft Streams embed code



 Feb 14 2021
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The Show info option to off in the embed code does not work. When switched off, the code generator updates to "showinfo=false". However when the iframe embed code is copied to another site, the overlay of the title, likes, plays and add to watchlist, etc is still visible.   


The embed code is (where #### represents the video ID) : <iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://web.microsoftstream.com/embed/video/####?autoplay=false&amp;showinfo=false" allowfullscreen style="border:none;"></iframe> 


Is there a work around to hide this video info?  Or can Microsoft please update this so that it works? 

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Running in the same problem at a customers tenant as well. Strange that this stops working all of a sudden. 

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