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 Jun 20 2017
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Working on it

Have a way to use Microsoft Stream to upload videos, mark them as public and be able to share them on external sites with a simple embed page.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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I also plus one this

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Also share public as a link, e.g. share a stream link with a customer who then can watch the video WITOUT any sign-in.

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Having the option of public access is key.


Even consider linking a YouTube account to enable "Publish to YouTube" of videos already in Stream.


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Upvote this...make Stream the video portal of choice for my organization and allow both internal & external users to see video.

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Embed only works in two options. For "My org" or "Custom" for example. <Iframe width = "640" height = "360" src=" autoplay = false "frameborder =" 0 "allowFullScreen> </ iframe>.  It is a pity that there is no public option.

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Can you invite someone outside your organization but that has a Microsoft Work Account?  Public Sharing would be great

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Please keep adding scenarios and Use cases that you would be interested in supporting for Public Videos.


We would be interested in knowing how you intend to use Public Videos.

  • Do you need CMS integration? Wordpress sites, Drupal, etc?
  • Do you need player branding and customization?
  • Do you need support for authentication for specific users? what account types (Consumer or Active Directory only?)
  • Is encryption important for external public videos?

Keep the ideas coming!

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Here are some of the examples:


- Would like to have a library of Training Videos that we maintain internally, which we can share out to  public access.  Perhaps a simple Api key or something which we can embed in our web application, so users can freely access the videos from within the app, or perhaps from our ZenDesk support site.  In this way, perhaps this is a channel or something that is marked as public.


We also do a number of Skype meetings to discuss requirements shared between customers, and would like to have an easy way to share these in the same way with customers interested in upcoming development.  Some customers have Azure AD, others rely on personal Microsoft Accounts.  Currently we upload these videos to sharepoint, and share the mp4 files via a document library.  This gives us the nice "secure to certain people" or just a link we can send via email.  Those options work really well for nearly all our use cases.


I hope these comments help.

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At a bare minimum it would be very useful to be able to share videos with people outside the organization even if it requires login (Microsoft Account, Office 365 Account, etc.)  A better case has been detailed by @ryan

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I'd like to see the ability to share access to a video or a channel with external users who do not have office 365 accounts.


Ideally we would need the two scenarios where:

- Access to the video would be protected via credentials (non office 365) for those external users. 

- Access to the video would be open to public to view via a shared link


We usually embed video streams into our company wiki (confluence).


For us these are videos samples of games we are developing on behalf of clients. Therefore, video streams would need to be encrypted and would require authentication.

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NFP...Live streaming / public sharing #WindowsInsiders4good {DSakar}, case scenario #MSFTOne

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Think again, Stream without external users collaboration is like Yammer collaboration restricted to only internal usage! It reminds me a while back corporate people got a Blackberry in a pocket and an iPhone 3 in a hand. Think again, think again... 

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Stream seems to be promising and cool.


Although you mention that Public (Viewable by anyone)" option is avilable in the video you have here,, I do not see it in my Stream subscription. I am wondering when you will have the "Public (Viewable by anyone)" option be avilable? 



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Interested in this option. Very important for us.

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I see personnaly three scenarios :


Full internal

Only people from the org get access to the vids

could even be restricted to a specific O365 Group



Restricted to a specific public category that could well be like Guests


Full public

No restriction


Would love to get a wordpress / contao / drupal embedded player.

Sway and modern team site embedding is vital

No need for tweakings, just maybe control color like vimeo does and of course autoplay, sound (on/off), size

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Not having the ability to share videos with the public really limits the usefulness of Stream and forces you to maintain mutiple video servers to serve your audience. I can share documents/videos in Office 365 Sharepoint with public users I should have the same capibility with Stream.

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Still wondering where Public (Viewable by anyone) option is...? it's in all the MS demo versions, but not available when I attempt to upload, as users above stated.


Where is it?????


@toolie821 This feature does not yet exist in Microsoft Stream, but we are currently investigating this feature in Microsoft Stream.

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No sign-in access to videos so we can share externally!!!

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@amitrMicrosoft should not include it in ALL the demo videos if it is not an option that is currently available. Why include screenshots of something that isn't available? Asinine!!!

@toolie821 Apologies if there was any confusion.  If you wouldn't mind, could you please let me know what demo video this is included in (url would be helpful). Thank you for your understanding

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@amitr at :26 is one and on Microsoft page

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@amitr Screenshots include it here also...there are MANY  more examples

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@toolie821 Thank you very much for the feedback and pointing us to the demo videos.  Apologies for any confusion that this caused.  We are actively looking into this feature and we will provide more details here when we can. Thanks!

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I am also very interested as to when the Public View Option will be available.

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Our School District uses Wowza Media Server as our Internal Streaming Server for schools to broadcast news, sporting events and many assemblies. It would be great to be able to upload these videos to Microsoft Stream and be able to embed on our public website so parents can be able to view. We currently do this with Wowza, but would be a great benefit of using Microsoft Stream. The need to customize the player would also be beneficial, add links for parents to be able to access content tied to the video, or adding school logos.
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Dtrevino, Is there anything currently preventing you from uploading the "archived" output MP4 file from the Wowza server from your live event?  I could not tell from your question if there was some sort of technical blocker for you to upload the archived output.


Or are you asking when we will support live streaming of events in Stream?

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