Provide embed code as one of the share options in Sharepoint

Provide embed code as one of the share options in Sharepoint



 May 25 2021
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This idea is inspired by the migration from Stream (classic) to Stream (built in sharepoint).  The ability to "easily access embed code" is one of the features of Stream (classic) that is not currently available in Stream (sharepoint) and is not earmarked for development anywhere on the roadmap.  This idea proposes that this functionality be integrated into Sharepoint.


Use case:

I work in an education institution and large volumes of educational content that is captured in video format during webinars and meetings in Teams can no longer be embedded on our LMS.  This means that students have to work across multiple systems to complete learning activities, something that the Office for Students (UK) have identified as something that universities should seek to avoid.  LTIs and other integrations between the LMS and O365 applications may address some of these issues in the future, but the ability to embed content directly from Sharepoint would enhance and extend our ability to integrate systems in a coherent and ergonomic learning experience.  I am currently having to inform colleagues that content that they were previously adding to canvas can no longer be embedded and in some cases students will have to log in to oneDrive in order to follow links.  This is being greeted with incredulity and despair.



I do not expect that this idea would only benefit education institutions.  This idea builds on another called "public videos" that was first raised in 2017 and has not progressed beyond the "working on it stage" since that time.  However, this has been upvoted nearly 1500 times  by users from many different types of institution and I am positive that it has received new impetus in recent times. I would be interested to hear about other user cases in comments.



Ideally I would like to be able to be able to tailor the embed code using the existing share options, so that it could be available for "anyone to view" or "anyone in my organisation".  From an educational standpoint this would allow us to use content more flexibly in areas like knowledge exchange, partnership and recruitment.



just spent an hour trying to figure out how to embed a video from sharepoint that is working fine from stream classic.  how can i migrate without this?

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