Provide a setting to hide a Group from the Stream UI

Provide a setting to hide a Group from the Stream UI
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There are many groups that do not need Videos/Stream service.  This provides a long list of Groups that a member may be part of that clogs up the UI on channels that might be available.


I'd make it a setting that a Group owner could check (either in O365 Group settings in each service like Outlook, Planner, etc, or in the Stream interface itself.)


This is part of a larger O365 Groups problem that too many services are being provisioned and making it confusing where users should put content.

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I totally agree, we have barely rolled out O365 and the Browse-> Groups is too busy. It should be the Stream Administrator's option to activate a group to be visible in Stream.
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Absolutely agree.  It would be great that using a Powershell command that we could choose to allow or deny that group to be shown in MS Stream, regardless if it is Public or Private.

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I agree too. Good idea ! It's very hard to find groups where the purpose it's to promote enterprise videos. They are flooded in the all Office 365 groups. It's a nightmare !

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Is there an update on this to hide all the groups as we have loads due to MS Teams creating a new group for every new team.  Really need to be able to clean this all up.


Agree - a desperately needed configuration option and I imagine not too hard to implement an additional attribute that can be set to true or false  for displaying in Stream

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This would be great as many groups are not creating Content but just want a team in teams. up-vode +1000

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Yes, I agree. This is definitely a necessary feature. The interface is just too crowded unless we can control which groups appear. 

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