Prioritize Caption Features in Migration

Prioritize Caption Features in Migration



 Jun 08 2021
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I see auto-caption and caption editing will be available in the new SharePoint version of Stream, but without an implementation date. It looks to be about halfway down the list. Please prioritize the features related to captioning, as all publicly funded entities need to caption videos in order to share them, and the cost of sending out is heavy.


As we return to work with only part of our staff in office and others working remotely, and with all the changes making our work more virtual-friendly, the ability to caption in-house with user-friendly interfaces is critical!


Agreed, this is a big need!  I think that moving away from the streaming and channel model that was part of Stream (Classic) and instead trying to force videos into a file server model (ie. Stream (on Sharepoint) is one of the biggest blunders that Microsoft has ever made, ever.  People don't think of videos as files, they think of them as streaming content.  You had it right before with a more Youtube-like model, instead of forcing videos to conform to a file-based model.  It's like Microsoft just decided to take a trip back to the '90's.  Get ready for many more complaints and a loss of adoption of this new very user-unfriendly model.

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Fully agreed. In Stream (Classic), the auto-captions are far from perfect and the captions editor is quite limited and prone to breaking, but at least those features allow us to make meeting recordings accessible for deaf/hard of hearing colleagues and other captions users. It is a very unwelcome backwards step to remove these accessibility tools until some unspecified time in the future

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