Powershell cmdlet

Powershell cmdlet
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Would allow users to expand functionality, such as user creation, setting permissions, creating channels/folders, uploading videos, etc.

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I'm a pretty big PowerShell fan, so my knee jerk reaction is to vote up. But on the other hand, I wouldn't want to take resources away from other, more valuable enhancements. I want to be convinced, but I'm not there yet. Would you paint us some pictures here? Describe a couple of compelling scenarios?

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A Powershell CMDlet would provide a useful API that many users have been asking for. With it  they might enable things like:


1. Bulk user rights management--use CSV with user/group name, content UID,  "ADD/REMOVE" "View/Edit/Own" 

2. Automatic upload of new content --similar to above method, upload video with metadata and permissions

3. Reports of available content and views 

4. Scheduling of any/all of the above via Scheduled tasks or other process

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