Permissions on Stream video before publishing

Permissions on Stream video before publishing



 Oct 01 2019
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Good day.In Microsoft Stream if we try to share the video before publishing my colleagues are not able to access.We would like to have a draft version reviewed by team of colleagues before it get published.In one drive /share point this is possible who can view the draft version.Is there similar settings somewhere in Microsoft Stream?


We are interested in the same ability.

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Yes, this would be great for the reviewers team! 

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For a company channel we have different channel managers creating content > it is blocking if the person who uploaded a video but not published yet is not there/available > other content managers cannot go ahead and publish. I have admin rights but also cannot find how to do is. This would be a much appreciated feature.

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Hi Kannan. Unless I'm misunderstanding, the behavior you are describing is by design, and what you are trying to accomplish can be done with existing functionality in Stream (Classic).

When reviewing content, publish it but only share it with the individuals or team that will be reviewing it. As long as you have not shared with a larger audience, no one else will be able to see it. Once the review is complete, choose Update video details > Permissions and expand the audience to other individuals, groups, or perhaps everyone in your organization.


In New Stream, storage of videos will be moving to OneDrive and SharePoint, so you'll soon have the same preferred functionality and workflow there for Stream videos.



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