Permissions on Channels and nesting Channels

Permissions on Channels and nesting Channels

* Please can we have permission in Stream like there are in Microsoft Video. As a school we would like to have the ability to allow class by class access to channels (Not Video by Video?!?!) This is vital as some content is not applicable to various levels of students.

* We have all our classes in Active Directory from our SMS so why cant we use those instead of Groups? 

* Please can you give Admin (at least) The ability to nest channels with in Channels so that accessing content is easier instead of over 100 channels to surf through. We could then organise channels into Primary, Junior Secondary and Secondary as the top teir and build the channels in these three categories.


(You have done well with Microsoft Videos just getting it to a useable place and now you are going to force us to use Stream? ) 


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