Permanent Live Event with Static Ingest URL

Permanent Live Event with Static Ingest URL
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It would be great to be possible to create a "Permanent Live Events" (with static ingest URL's). This feature could be called "Live Channels" or something like that. 

This is userful to organizations that have some infrastracture of live stream with external codec and want to have a fixed channel to deliver content (like a traning channel ou a announcement channel). Today is so incovenient have to create a new live event to the same purpose/public and consequently change the "Ingest URL" to each one.

Youtube live events have this feature (Stream Now and Reusable stream key:( the same ingest url/stream key to permanent live channels or events (Check the images attached)

 In addition, it is userful to have a static url to this "Live Channels" in order to share with the users. This URL could be fixed embed in a Intranet site acessible to your target public without be replaced to each live event.

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I also need this feature. 

At least 1 fixed channel to the organization so we could set this on other video sources. 

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Great idea!

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It would be a very useful feature for organizational needs!

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Yes, this would be so handy.

Then I wouldn't have to configure the codec every time it would be ready to go at a moment's notice.



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Great solution. It will let our life easier.

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Extremely useful feature. Please implement this.

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I would also like to see this implementation.  I am a digital media administrator in a large school district (70 Schools) that has recently started to use Microsoft Stream to distribute morning announcements and news and did not want to distribute through YouTube.  Stream works fine but requires sending a new email link to every class that will view the stream-cast everyday.  Instead of  a Permanent Live Event with Static Ingest URL.  If anyone knows of a more efficient way to do this please post it.

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It would be nice if the URL could be shortened. 

The FQDN of ther server actually has 81 characters. 

It's not possible to use the VBRICK DME to RTMP push the video because the field only allow 80 characters



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Guys, Microsoft created a User Voice for Stream.

I created a feature request for this post. 

Please give votes (3 votes if possible)

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Microsoft, please also create a at least one fixed URL to Live Events. It's terrible to share a new URL at every new live. At least one per tenant. 

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@Kevin_G2020 , everyday you need to tell the users the new URL of the Live Event ?? How do you do that??

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