Option to limit user search function

Option to limit user search function
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Option to limit user search function



​Stream にてユーザーの検索を実行すると、利用ユーザーが一律検索出来てしまう。



  1. Exchange のアドレス帳ポリシーと連動して、検索対象を制御する機能
  2. ユーザーの検索機能を停止する機能

When searching for users on Stream, all users are returned and displayed in a uniform manner.

It is possible that the information such as name and gender of users may be stolen, which is troubling from a security perspective.

Therefore, I would like these functions to be added as soon as possible:

  • In conjunction with address book policies in Exchange, control what may be searched for.
  • Option to disable user search function.
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Japanese universities don't want students to search for people.


I would like to have a setting to disable people search.


In addition, the address book hiding setting I have set for Azure AD or on-premises AD is ineffective.I don't want end users to be able to search for private addresses and system administrators.
This is a critical issue for an enterprise product.


We hope that you will remove the problem as soon as possible!

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