OneDrive Photo App enhancement

OneDrive Photo App enhancement



 Dec 20 2020

As of now, we can back up the camera roll to OneDrive. However, the app is not that intuitive to organize the photos. What is the OneDrive road map toward it? Now, either individuals or enterprises are going towards mobile and cloud-based services. However, the OneDrive more on enterprise and business, Microsoft has an equal number of Personal 0365 users using this service. The following services would really help towards improving the personal 0365 user experience. Otherwise, though we have a 0365 subscription, we end up opting for other cloud photos backup services. The photos' end is significantly important for personal users, and it's not about backing up the photos. It is all about how the services help the user by using ML, algorithm-based, to remind the photos backed up.

  1. Highlights of the recent photos.
  2. The app should have a story kind of interface to bring up any photos on the same day.
  3. Face Search the photos library
  4. Edit option right on the OneDrive app
  5. Any additional options to help organize the photos would really help.
  6. Share the album with no download options.
  7. Add family to contribute to the album
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