Offline and protected mode (DRM) for videos

Offline and protected mode (DRM) for videos



 Jun 20 2017
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it would be nice if you could add the following 2 features:


1. an offline player so that our users could play videos (maybe via a specific mobile app) even without connectivity

2. the possibility to protect the content with some DRM technologies so that, on certain videos, you cannot redistribute our videos externally (willing or by mistake).




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Our company too likes to have DRM video protection possibilities

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Here you go folks: We released support for offline apps.


Thanks for providing feedback and helping us prioritizing this! We'll be publishing more examples of how to build offline apps going forward and make many more improvements as well. Please share your examples too.


P.S. Please enter 1 idea per forum post so that we can status them, and others can vote on them, approproately.


Thank you,


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How does the above address the need to support DRM solutions like 365 IRM?
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I don't understand why this is listed as Completed. Powerapps isn't solving this its not helping wth DRM or Offline playing of videos.

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Status changed to: Completed
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